Hautelook has been one of my favorite sources for chic, budget-friendly clothing and shoes for a few years now. I have expensive taste, but my wallet is a little thin being a recent college graduate that still has yet to find her “big girl job.” Side note: My mother blames my high-quality taste on herself for never feeding me things like fish sticks when I begged for them as a child. Hilarious, I know.

For this reason, I loveeeee websites and apps like HauteLook, ideeli, Rue La La, and Bluefly. I checked out HauteLook earlier this evening and almost passed out because of all the SUPER CUTE things they’re featuring right now! All I really have to say is.. Majorly discounted B. Brian Atwood. 

I’m serious.

Here are some of my favorite shoes from the designer that are on HauteLook right now!







Besides the amazing shoes, HauteLook also has some amazing home and beauty products, as well as clothing for women, men, and children, all at a huge discount!

The B. Brian Atwood event ends Sunday (tomorrow!) at 8AM Pacific so be sure to hurry and check it out!



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