Summer II has officially come to an end! Le sigh.

It’s been a wild ride trying to fit 4 months of information into 4 weeks! I learned SO much from Fundamentals of Digital Online Media, I don’t even know where to start.

Firstly, I learned that there is NO reason to have a private Twitter. Why privatize a social media that is meant to be used to network? I can’t believe it took this long for me to figure this out!

Second, I learned not only how important it is to use social media, but it’s important to use social media correctly. Social media can be used to help you find a job, help you connect with other professionals across the world, and to create your personal brand that YOU want.

At the close of this class, I have finally figured out the personal brand I want to have and want you to all see.

Morgan Lindsey’s personal brand (AKA Haute Blonde):

I’m creative, passionate, fiery, fashionable, a bit of a perfectionist. I’m driven and always am thinking of the next thing. I’m put together at all times. I’m organized. I write and strive to write well. I shop (a little too much.) I’m approachable, but not a pushover. I am someone to look up to when it comes to fashion and beauty.


Does this come across to you all? I’d love to hear some feedback from my lovely readers!



Haute Blonde


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